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The Farmland Tenure Online Resources Guide is one of a series of original web resources within the Farmland Access Legal Project, designed and created by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law School, to provide legal information to the public on affordable and equitable land access arrangements. For more information on the Project, click here!


This guide is a compilation of existing, on-line legal resources targeted to help farm-seekers, farmers, landowners and farmer/landowner-advocates understand and navigate various legal issues related to accessing and transferring farmland in New England. We, Vermont Law School's Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, developed this guide in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture National Agriculture Library. We have screened each resource within this guide for relevance, robustness and ease of use, and welcome questions, suggestions or comments to

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You may search this guide by New England state or legal issue. To search by state, simply click on your state of choice in the map below. You will be taken to a list of state-specific, hyperlinked legal resources, organized by topic. There, you can explore information and tools supportive of your work. To search by legal issue, click on a topic button below the map.

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